ener hax

No Drama Signs

seems like drama has also migrated from Second Life to OpenSim!

just say no with traditional Greek-inspired drama masks and professional grade, Enclave Harbour Municipal Works approved posts! easily reduce prim count by deleting rivets, brackets, and top cap (much to the chagrin of the Municipal Works people, but the sign will stand just as well)

disclaimer: unfortunately, people into drama seem to be inspired to even greater drama once they see these signs - all the virtual world's a stage to them! =)

download it now and install via viewer import



Full Enerific license which means you can use it any way you like (obey local laws) including commercial use with no need for attribution (but sending pics and allowing me to post about your use on the blog would be great for the community)

all objects under the "Full Enerific License" are built by me and there are no third-party objects included

the entire thing, or parts thereof, are 100% free for any use in any way and are presented "AS IS". caveat emptor