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Victoria Arduino 1905 Espresso Machine

my most prized and cherished build - inspired by the one and only 1905 Victoria Arduino Espresso Machine

1905 was the last year of the Victorian Era but this espresso machine, and its company, are still in existance today. in fact, many original 1905s are still is service! this is a beast of a machine capable of 200 espressos per hour and a favourite with luxury hotels and fine restaurants

it is prim heavy and meant for a certain someone that wants a build that has a lot of my heart and soul in it - both literally and figuratively =)

raise your Italian-made espresso and carpe diem!

download it now and install via viewer import


Special Bonus!

you've heard of coffee tables, but how about an espresso table! coffee and cream intertwine with a ribbon of passion to fire you up and display your Victoria Arduino in style!

download it now and install via viewer import (zipped XML - 3 kb, 6 prims)


Full Enerific license which means you can use it any way you like (obey local laws) including commercial use with no need for attribution (but sending pics and allowing me to post about your use on the blog would be great for the community)

all objects under the "Full Enerific License" are built by me and there are no third-party objects included

the entire thing, or parts thereof, are 100% free for any use in any way and are presented "AS IS". caveat emptor