ener hax

Enclave Harbour Municipal Dumpster

why do we need garbage disposal in the virtual world?

in Enclave Harbour there are activities related to trash and garbage so it makes sense to have dumspters. if you need a simple and somewhat generic dumpster - look no further

comes without trash or garbage - low load textures for eh-mod CG cans, eh-mod CG ash, eh-mod CG metal scrap, and eh-mod CG shredded scrap are available for free

download it now and install via viewer import



CG Modified Enerific license which means you can use it any way you like (obey local laws) except commercial resale. you may not sell this work unless you remove the textures listed above. this work includes modified tectures from CGTextures which do not need attribution if shared freely

all prim objects under the "CG Modified Enerific License" are built by me but include CGTextures

the entire thing, or parts thereof, are 100% free for non-resale use and are presented "AS IS". caveat emptor